Pet Portraits & Wildlife Artwork

Pet portrait and wildlife artist with over 10 years experience

“The natural world and the creatures that reside in it are my passion. I have the privilege to be sharing my life with my dog and my reptiles. Being around animals is one of the most wonderful things. Drawing and painting animals is quite simply, one of the main things in my life that makes me happy. It makes me content. That someone would commission me to do what I love, of someone they love, fills me with joy.” 

Specializing in pet portraits and scientific illustrations, I use varying media and tools to create my works. My main focus is flora, reptiles and mammals, with dogs being my most commissioned works. I have been painting and drawing dogs, cats and people for clients for over 10 years. Sixteen plus hours are put into a single small piece of artwork to build up the layers necessary for the depths and visual texture that is captured. I am not scared of tackling unusual subjects, I will happily create artworks of rodents, arachnids and snakes for my clients.

Having branched out into photography you can find my selection of natural subject and scenery under the photography collection.

My latest still life piece, Apples and a Pear, is available in print here. The original was spoken for by the time the first apple was down, sorry! I create still life artworks on commission as well as pet portraits so please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’re interested.

Art Print for sale

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Please note that areas of the website are under construction, if there is something you cannot find please don’t hesitate to contact me.