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Prices based on my standard mixed media artworks.

Plain white background:

Prices for commission art work

Non detailed backgrounds:



For more added details, scenery and additional extras please ask me in the form below.

If you would like to commission an art piece please fill out and submit the form below.

What you will need to do:

1. Choose a reference photo.

Make sure your reference photo has good lighting, is well focused and is not blurry. Send the exact picture you would like used, no missing feet, tails or ears.  If you would like a plain white background simply make sure nothing is covering the subject in places. The better the reference photo the better your final artwork will be. Sending photos via whatsapp or facebook lessens the quality of the image so I will ask you to send it via email to in its original size.

I understand it can be hard to find a photo if the subject has passed away, I work with my clients to choose the best of the photos they have.

2. Decide what you would like or if you need to work within a budget. Size, colour/black and white, background and specific medias (pencil, acrylic, mixed media etc). I will go through with you what your options are if you are uncertain.

3. Once you have established what you would like, we will confirm it in a written email agreement and 50% of payment is made upfront, with the other 50% upon completion.

4. I will send you photo updates through your chosen method of contact where possible.

5. Once the artwork and payment is completed you can either collect the artwork in person or pay to have it posted/ couriered. Artwork will always be sent insured and signed for to ensure you are covered.

6. Sit back and enjoy your new piece!

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When you purchase an artwork from Laura April Art you are agreeing that you are aware of artist copyright laws within the UK and if different, your own country.